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Business Setup, Payroll Tax, & Corporate Taxation in New Jersey

Ensure the success of your company with business setup assistance, payroll tax, and corporate taxation services from Hy Appelbaum CPA in Edison and Princeton, New Jersey.

Business Setup Assistance

Planning Ideas - business setup in Edison, NJ
Using our extensive knowledge, we help you determine what type of business is best for you, between an LLC and LLP, as well as offering guidance and assistance during the setup process. Before you decide on which business is best, we go through a list of advantages and disadvantages of each type.

First, we start by showing you how to form an LLC or LLP, along with all the possible operating and distribution issues concerning each. Next, we talk about basis, at-risk, and passive activity considerations. Finally, when the time comes, we also give you all the information you need to know about the termination of interest in the dissolution of LLCs and LLPs. We even provide training and support for QuickBooks™ and other popular bookkeeping programs.

Payroll Tax

Receive the guidance you need in order to comply with all federal withholding, deposit, and reporting requirements. To assist you with payroll taxes, we complete all necessary forms.

Corporate Taxation

When it comes to your corporate tax issues and needs, we are here to assist you. Let us provide you with services relating to a variety of topics and issues.

Corporate Taxation Services Include:
• Contributions of Property to Corporations
• Net Operating Losses & Capital Losses
• Dividends & Other Distributions
• Personal Holding Companies
• Accumulated Earning Tax
• Reporting of Partnership Income Guaranteed
• Personal Service Corporations
• Terminating the Partnership
• Complete & Partial Liquidations
• Partnership Taxation
• Contributions of Property & Services
• Basis of Partners Interest
• Payments
• Treatment of Liabilities
• Sales or Exchange of Partner's Interest
• Distribution of Partnership Assets
• Return Filing Requirements

Contact us in Edison, New Jersey, to schedule a consultation to discuss business setup, payroll, and corporate taxes.