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Tax Services & Retirement Planning in Princeton & Edison, New Jersey

Whether you need assistance with tax services or retirement planning, Hy Appelbaum CPA in Princeton and Edison, New Jersey, is here to help you.

Tax Services

Tax Paperwork - payroll tax in Edison, NJ
Get the straight facts on how your recent home investment can save you money. Find out how much of your selling and moving expenses are deductible, and the best ways to deduct the principal interest paid on your home, with our help. We also help you understand the complexity of filling in two states.

To help you save money, we show you the capital gains from selling and purchasing a home, we help you see how mortgage acceleration and equity enhancements work to save you money, and we assist in estate and tax planning for future tax savings.
It is our job to keep up with the changing tax laws and make sure you get the biggest refund possible. Using our extensive amounts of experience, we dig to save you every dollar legally possible.

Retirement Planning

Effective retirement planning has never been more important, particularly for those who wish to attain a comfortable retirement. To maximize your savings, we will explore tax saving strategies with you. Retirement income needs are calculated, net after tax Social Security benefits are determined, and distribution of options for IRAs are explored. Special consideration to the home business should also be given.